Great Love Stories – Holocaust Survivor Couples

Alex %26 Gabriella Karp #1 sm.jpgAlex %26 Gabriella Karp #2 sm.jpgAlex %26 Gabriella Karp #3 SC0511-3 sm.jpgAlex %26 Gabriella Karp w mother sm.jpgAwret, A %26 E 4 sm.jpgIrene Weiss portrait USHMM 6-94 sm.jpgkarp3_sm.jpgKleiner 1 sm.jpgLazowski 2 sm.jpgMarkuse 1 sm.jpgSimon 1 sm.jpgSimon 2 sm.jpgSimon-hands sm.jpgSpiegel 2 sm.jpgSpiegel-inside sm.jpg


GREAT LOVE STORIES – Holocaust Survivor Couples
These photographs are from a photo essay published in MOMENT magazine. It depict couples where both are survivors of the Holocaust. The work won a Simon Rockower Award for excellence in photography in 2006.