Assembly of the Dead sm.jpgBerber Jew_Old Age Home sm.jpgCats in Medrassa 001 sm.jpgDonkey_Fez sm.jpgFez Morocco brit chair sm.jpggirl, Alliance -Casablanca sm.jpgGrand Rabbi w- picture sm.jpgprincipal-Alliance School sm.jpgstreet kids-Fez sm.jpgTannery-Fez sm.jpgWhy Does God Throw Dice Morocco 6-29-92 sm.jpgworker-Alliance-Casablanca sm.jpgYosef Ben Chimoul 6-27-92 sm.jpgStreet musician, Marrakesh sm.jpgSynagogue interior Fez sm.jpgMen in synagogue Casablanca sm.jpgBoys-Casablanca bar mitzvah sm.jpgBerber craftsman Marrakech sm.jpgRed yarn  and woman Fez sm.jpg


Photographs of the Jewish community of Morocco. Cover stories for Forward, Jewish Monthly, and The Exponent, 1992, Sojourners 1998.