Acid Reign

c74-Acid Reign mom & baby fisheye ss.jpgc19-Flag guitar flute sm.jpgc22-Acid Reign dancer b-w ss.jpgc3-Acid Reign tailgate guitar jam ss.jpgc35-Acid Reign juggler fisheye ss.jpgc43-Acid Reign Orange Jerry wig NJ ss.jpgc49-Acid Reign RFK old heads fisheye ss.jpgc56-Acid Reign flag walk July 4th ss.jpgc63-Acid Reign dancers RFK 1 ss.jpgc7-Acid Reign breastfeeding ss.jpgc97-Acid Reign peace hat girl ss.jpgc12-Acid Reign red sky dancer ss.jpgc93-Acid Reign Cheshire Cat woman ss.jpgc97-Acid Reign sky hands guy Indiana ss.jpgc77-Acid Reign kiss bw 1 ss.jpg


Collaboration with Sociology Department of the University of North Carolina- Greensboro documenting the fans of The Grateful Dead. Book in progress. A video was produced and shown nationwide on PBS,1989.