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As a former classroom teacher, I have extensive experience working with education groups and issues. My education clients include:

National Geographic Books, National Scholastic, Weekly Reader, Teacher, Education Week, The Science Teacher, Science and Children, Quantum, American School Board Journal, The Executive Educator, Independent School, McGraw Hill, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Principal

Childrens Defense Fund, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Folger Theater, National School Boards Association, Brookings Institution, National Academy of Sciences, Urban Institute, Georgetown University, Stanford University, Cornell University, PTA’s of America, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Advocates For Youth, National Science Teacher’s Association, American Federation of Teachers, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, National Cathedral School, Virginia Theological Seminary, American Association for Higher Education, National Association of Elementary School Principals, Blacks in Higher Education, National Association of School Administrators, International Reading Association, Alexandria Public Schools, Education Leadership Council, National Association of Child Advocates, Association of Independent Schools, Chapin Hall Center for Children (University of Chicago), School for Industrial and Labor Relations, Arlington Public Schools Humanities Project, Illinois Wesleyan University, California Education Department, Ohio Department of Education, Appalachian Regional Commision, Dance Institute of Washington, Hebrew Union College, Center for Excellence in Municipal Management, George Washington University, American University Law School, Save the Children, Madeira School, Virginia Commonwealth University, Bowie State University