Student Body

Amy Kosnider sm.jpgAndrew Kastenmaier sm.jpgAnna Walters sm.jpgAshleigh Trudinger sm.jpgAugie Scheele sm.jpgCharlotte Mooney sm.jpgChuck Gillespie sm.jpgDanny Lahiguera sm.jpgDavid Donovan sm.jpgIrene Gibson sm.jpgJeanna Booth sm.jpgLeigh Taylor sm.jpgLeslie Cohen sm.jpgMarc Ciano sm.jpgMarian Bram 2 sm.jpgMarian Bram sm.jpgMichael Mitchell sm.jpgMichael Ricks sm.jpgNada Velimorovic sm.jpgPink Sunglasses sm.jpgRed Boots sm.jpgRenee Godkey sm.jpgRoger Boersma sm.jpgRosalynn Moore 2 sm.jpgRosalynn Moore sm.jpg


These photographs are recognitions, stares, explorations, appreciations, laughs, embraces, parties, prayers, and questions raised in seeing people around me. To misquote Robert Creeley, “The Body is the Plan.” There is always more to be learned.

The subjects pictured were primarily students at the Woodlawn Program (now H-B Woodlawn), Career Center, and a Gifted/Talented photo class in Arlington, VA, that drew its students from all the County’s high schools. The work was created in 1979.

The photographs were made with a Polaroid SX-70 Alpha-1 instant camera and a Montgomery Ward strobe.

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