Polaroid Journal

Betrayal %26 Fear are Real sm.jpgFaith-polaroid 1988 sm.jpgFamily Matters 10-27-94 sm.jpgIm Scared Im sad I hurt sm.jpgKnee Deep in Blood Smithfield VA sm.jpgLloyd with shotgun 001 sm.jpgNY Klez steps sm.jpgPolaroid solarized portrait montage late 1980s sm.jpgRock Church prayer 5-18-98 sm.jpgSaid He'd Calm the Raging Seas 001 sm.jpgSanctuario 7-3-97 sm.jpgshirt %26 painted face 2-17-96 sm.jpgSilver spoon-mouthful of knives 4-29-93 sm .jpgSteph and Chuck 1-30-93 sm.jpgSteph with apple  001 sm.jpgStones on Beach- Gay Head MA sm.jpgStreet kids Louisville KY polaroid 1993 sm.jpgThought polaroid sm.jpgWindow- Abiqui NM 7-4-97 sm.jpgYes I am  001 sm.jpg


I kept a journal of Polaroid pictures, many with writing on them, from 1987 through 2003. They serve as a sort of antidote to my commercial work – these pictures were made purely for their own sake, and reflect a wide variety of my responses to life.

The pictures were made with a Polaroid 250 camera ( a $10 yard sale item) on type 665 P/N film, which made a big negative that I wrote on with a permanent marker.