Columbia Pike Documentary Project (CPDP)

c17-Col Pike Fest May 2001 28 ss.jpgc33-Asian family walking pink shoe girl 2700 block CPike 003 ss.jpgc10-CPDP Blues Festival Muslima 001 ss.jpgc79-CPDP BluesFest2011 275 sq ss.jpgc81-CPDP east end Columbia Pike Nov 2010 004 ss.jpgc31-CPDP eastpike 3-8-10 0067 ss.jpgc58-CPDP Prio Bangla festival 517 sq ss.jpgc14-CPDP big snow 028 sq ss.jpgc69-CPDP Prio Bangla festival 097 sq ss.jpgc14-CPDP BluesFest 2012 076 sq ss.jpgc50-CPDP Prio Bangla festival 168 sq ss.jpgc10-Farmers Market 2011 032 ss.jpgc16-CPDP eastpike 3-8-10 0065 ss.jpgc11-CPDP Clint Hanover 005 ss.jpgc21-CPDP festival 0203 ss.jpgColumbia Pike Documentary Projectc0-CPDP BluesFest 2012 317 ss.jpgc23-CPDP PIKE 091 yellow dress ss.jpgColumbia Grove openingc0-CPDP Catie Drew 018 ss.jpgc24-CPDP Prio Bangla festival 306 ss.jpgc26-Domenicks Shoe Repair 015 ss.jpgc28-CPDP festival 0038 portrait ss.jpgc10-CPDP PIKE 025 Hi Cue ss.jpgc34-CPDP Flores-Gambino picnic 2011 170 ss.jpgc34-Mike Morgan at Flux 001 ss.jpgc38-CPDP Abis Restaurant 063 ss.jpgc42-Midpike business 3-12 006 ss.jpgc44-ECDC Xmas party 2012 006 ss.jpgc44-Mekbib Gebertsadik 052 ss.jpgc47-CPDP 5500 block snow 067 ss.jpgc48-CPDP fortune teller neon sign 3200 block Columbia Pike 017 ss.jpgc49-El Pike CPDP 032 ss.jpgc54-Achmed Osman 043 slide.jpgc58-CPRO Housing & Land-use workshop 007 ss.jpgc59-CPDP African man on street 001 ss.jpgc71-CPDP eastpike 3-8-10 0031 ss.jpgc75-CPDP Prio Bangla festival 383 ss.jpgc80-CPDP Columbia Pike 033 ss.jpgc88-CPDP Prio Bangla festival 129 ss.jpgc92-APAH Buchanan Gardens 2011 177 ss.jpgCPDP _APAH Halloween Health Fairc96-Col Pike Fest May 2001 9 ss.jpgc96-CPDP East Pike at dusk 006 ss.jpgc99-CPDP Sierra Zuzana Jakobova 002 ss.jpgc99-Memorial Day party 073 ss.jpgc57-Daisy-Duy_wedding_0175 ss.jpgc58-CPDP Prio Bangla festival 195 ss.jpgc31-Don Zientara Inner Ear Studio 011 ss.jpgc10-Harvey Hall crafts group 044 sq ss.jpg
  The Columbia Pike Documentary Project (CPDP) has been actively photographing the extraordinarily diverse Columbia Pike corridor in Arlington, Virginia, one of the world’s most culturally-varied and colorful communities. “The Pike” is home to an extraordinary number of immigrants from nearly every nation on the planet, to historically-significant African-American communities, and to a range of long-term and new residents and businesses of every background, flavor, and description. Since 2007, I have have been the chief photographer on the project, and have led a team of talented team of photographers including Paula Endo, Xang Mimi Ho, Duy Tran, and Aleksandra Lagkueva who have also been adding their work and vision to this community effort. All the photos on this page are by Lloyd Wolf. Support for this work has come from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, the Arlington Commission for the Arts, the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization, the Arlington Community Foundation, and others. Many thanks. For more images and information on the Columbia Pike Documentary Project, please visit the CPDP blog