Facing the Wall

Facing the Wall cover sm.jpgBiker vet at Wall sm.jpgBill Robinson sm.jpgBilly Odell sm.jpgBoots and flag VVM cover sm.jpgFacing the Wall-blind guy sm.jpgFather %26 daughter-Wall sm.jpgGeorge Big sm.jpgJames Ryan sm.jpgJeffrey Budzis sm.jpgJohn Keefe %26 Paula Killion 001 sm.jpgWilliam F. Callahan sm.jpgWilliams Family sm.jpgLarry White sm.jpgGregory Douglas sm.jpgPointing-reflection VVM sm.jpg


FACING THE WALL: Americans at the Vietnam Memorial – photographs and interviews at the Vietnam Veteran¹s Memorial in Washington, DC. Published by Macmillan/Collier Books in 1986. Text by Duncan Spenser

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