One Kid, One Kid

All Kingdoms of Anger sm.jpgbe polaroid sm.jpgComing Around Again vsm.jpgDo You Know About the Angels sm.jpgDrawing Her Own Conclusions 2-21-94 sm.jpgEmma Emma Burning Bright 1-14-94 sm.jpgEmma Growing sm.jpgEmma in Lion Mask sm.jpgEmma shadow polaroid 10-14-96 sm.jpgHolding the ghost of her best friend 001 sm.jpgIn the Labyrinth 001 sm.jpgLetting Life Go 6-3-92 sm.jpgMore than Just the Wheel Spinning 001 sm.jpgThe Balloons All Die 6-26-93 sm.jpg


Enlarged polaroid prints with text of a year in the life of my 9-year-old daughter Emma. Funded by an Arlington Commission for the Arts grant in 1993.

The photo of my daughter in the lion mask was used in the opening sequence of the television show “Homeland.”
Several of these images are also included in the permanent collection of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in Washington, DC.