Grandma’s House

c16-Gmas House-swings sm.jpgc49-Gmas House-toy on head sm.jpgc50-Gmas House-playground sm.jpgc54-Gmas House-pointing -hats sm.jpgc83-Gmas House-bedroom sm.jpgc28-Gmas House-stairs sm.jpgc54-Gmas House-Billy reaches sm.jpgboy.jpgc71-Gmas House-silhouette duo sm.jpgc72-Grandmas House boy & caregiver sm.jpgc83-Gmas House-kids walk-hands sm.jpgc90-Grandmas House Eyes & hands Sue McC sm.jpgc78-Grandmas House-calendar cover sm.jpg



Documentation of a program in Washington, DC that cares for babies born HIV-positive. 1991 to 1995. Calendar produced and several articles (POZ) appeared.